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Ben Stokes supports Joe Root, saying, “Knows what he’s doing,” after his “stupidest shot” in England Test history

<p>77 runs at an average of 12.83 in six innings; 7 wickets in 107 overs, including a four-wicket haul. Not even a professional bowler would be pleased with these stats. However, these figures pertain to Joe Root, perhaps the greatest hitter in England history, who has reportedly had difficulty with the bat even on the finest hitting surfaces in India during the last several years. Furthermore, because of his success on the last tour, he has been so fixated on his spin that he has bowled more overs than runs scored so far.</p>
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<p>When Root played a reverse scoop off Jasprit Bumrah and was caught at the second slip, he too received a ton of flak. Ben Stokes, the captain, is unconcerned with his previous captain and his form, despite the fact that it has been called the “stupidest shot” in English Test history. He said it was an opportunity to get Bumrah to think, but he also emphasized the thought process that went into playing the shot. Stokes did not dispute, however, that the wicket was the game’s turning moment.</p>
<p>“It was unquestionably a turning moment. Since Joe Root has over 12,000 runs under his belt, I believe we can leave the decision-making and “why” to him. Given how skilled Joe is as a player, I can see why there could be annoyance about it. Early in the tour, Jasprit Bumrah has already removed him once or twice. I also believed that Joe was very, incredibly excellent at the crease, and he recognized that Jasprit needed something different back, something to maybe make him think about.</p>
<p>“Because of what that stroke accomplishes for Joe, bowlers’ perceptions of him alter, and fields shift. He made a shot that you don’t often see players in Test matches make. However, who am I to criticize a man with over 12,000 Test match runs and 30 Test match hundreds? “I believe he is skilled in his work,” the English captain said.</p>
<p>Does bowling have an impact on Joe Root’s batting form? Ben Stokes vehemently disagreed with this idea, pointing out that the guy enjoys accepting accountability. That seems like a cop-out, in my opinion. If you ask Joe, he would respond, “Absolutely not.” He enjoys being in charge of bowling and making decisions that affect the game. He has impacted a great deal of Test matches with his bat, but I’ve always felt that as a captain, he underbowled himself; in my opinion, he’s better than he gives himself credit for. However, I don’t believe that his bowling more overs is the cause of his inability to score the runs he wants. Stokes went on, “You would never hear him say that either.</p>