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Zimbabwe receives the 2023 Spirit of Cricket Award from the ICC in recognition of this touching on-field act

<p>The International Cricket Council (ICC) Spirit of the Year award was most recently given to the Zimbabwe cricket team. They received this honor for their outstanding demonstration of sportsmanship versus the West Indies during the 2023 World Cup qualifiers.</p>
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<p>Alzarri Joseph’s wicket handed the West Indies a devastating loss in a contest that left them completely devasted. The Zimbabwean players consoled the Antiguan player, who had fallen to his knees, displaying amazing sensitivity and care.</p>
<p>The West Indies were chasing a target of 269 runs when the pivotal dismissal occurred in the 45th over of the innings. A flip off Tendai Chataras’ bowling was tried by Joseph as the Men in Maroon were struggling at 233-9. Sadly, he was unable to hold the ball down, which allowed Sikandar Raza to make an important catch that gave Zimbabwe a 35-run win. The Zimbabwean players went straight to Joseph in the middle of their joyous celebrations to give their support and comfort.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands won the World Cup, while Zimbabwe and the West Indies were eliminated. This was a major setback for the Men in Maroon, who had won back-to-back championships in 1975 and 1979. Sadly, they lost to Scotland and the Netherlands in the qualifiers, which turned the tide on their qualifying campaign.</p>
<p>Notably, they tied the match despite the West Indies scoring a high 374, making their loss to the Dutch more notable. After a wild change of events, Logan van Beek proved to be the Netherlands’ hero, smashing 30 runs in Jason Holder’s super over and taking two vital wickets. One of their most memorable wins was earned by this outstanding effort.</p>