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“This Show of Disdain for Jimmy Anderson Is Unusual”: Atherton Applauds Jaiswal’s Valuable Performance in the Third Test at Rajkot

<p>After hitting back-to-back double-centuries against England in the current five-match series, India’s newest star, Yashasvi Jaiswal, stunned former England captain Michael Atherton with his exploits. Jaiswal has had an incredible start to his Test career.</p>
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<p>Though Atherton was not familiar with Jaiswal before, he was astonished by his achievements, particularly during the England series, and believes he is a unique talent.</p>
<p>“Amazing young athlete. I haven’t seen much of him in cricket Test matches. Although England fans had not seen much of him before to the series, they have already seen enough to recognize that he is a unique young talent. Extremely eager for runs,” the former captain of England said.</p>
<p>The youthful player earned his debut in the T20I and Test formats after making a splash on the big stage during the Indian Premier League. Based on his continuous success, he seems to be in the running to be one of India’s regular starts as well.</p>
<p>Atherton praised the young man much and praised the skills he had shown so far. He is a strong-built young man who hits the ball a long far. He’s a contemporary T20 player with the skills to transition to Test cricket, said Atherton.</p>
<p>Ben Stokes has received a warning from the former England captain about his ability, and the captain should make preparations for the left-hander to get him out of the game quickly. Atherton thinks that if Jaiswal is let to score his runs, the series may be lost.</p>
<p>With consecutive double-centuries in the second and third Tests, respectively, the youthful player is presently the team’s greatest run scorer. One thing Atherton had seen about him was his ability to take on the best bowlers in the world.</p>
<p>“This afternoon, when he was taken for those three straight sixes, Jimmy Anderson was treated with such contempt, something he rarely experiences,” Atherton said.</p>
<p>In the second inning, Jaiswal had taken on Anderson and hit the seasoned bowler three straight sixes. The first shot was a sweep to the stands, the second passed over the edge of the cover, and the third shot descended directly to the ground.</p>
<p>With two Test matches still to go, India will be hoping Jaiswal can continue to amass massive hundreds as he has. The hosts will try to win the series and maintain their impressive undefeated record in Test series, which extends back to 2012, at the JSCA International Stadium in Ranchi for the fourth Test.</p>