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Finally Speaking Up About Red Bull Boss Christian Horner’s Investigation, the FIA and F1

<p>For the first time, Formula One and its governing body have responded to claims made against Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, who is battling to save his job at the defending world champions as testing and the season’s start draw near.</p>
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<p>Following vague accusations against the 50-year-old Briton, Red Bull’s parent company in Austria said on February 5 that an independent inquiry into his behavior will be conducted. The procedure is still in progress. Horner has denied any misconduct.</p>
<p>In a brief statement released on Sunday, the company that owns the commercial rights to Formula One expressed its hope that “the matter will be clarified at the earliest opportunity, after a fair and thorough process.”</p>
<p>In a statement released on Monday, the Paris-based FIA reiterated its commitment to “maintaining the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and inclusivity within the sport.”</p>
<p>Both said that they would wait to speak more until they knew the verdict.</p>
<p>The British team and the energy drink manufacturer have not provided information about the accusations, despite media reports mentioning improper and domineering behavior directed towards a female coworker.</p>
<p>Last Friday, at the Milton Keynes unveiling of his team’s RB20 vehicle, Horner said he was confident in the process and was working with it. He also refuted “absolutely any allegation that’s been made against me.”</p>
<p>According to Sky Sports, an independent barrister’s London hearing on February 9 lasted over eight hours.</p>
<p>Before the first race at Sakhir on March 2, the British driver is expected to participate in testing in Bahrain this week and to speak at a routine FIA press conference on Thursday with the executives of other teams.</p>
<p>In the event that Horner is fired from Red Bull, the sports world would be rocked.</p>
<p>With Red Bull won 21 of 22 races last year, Horner and his team celebrated the most dominating season in Formula One history. Max Verstappen, a Dutch driver, will be aiming for a fourth consecutive championship when the new season gets underway.</p>
<p>In addition, Horner has been the head of a Formula One team for the longest, having joined Red Bull at the age of only twenty-nine in 2005.</p>