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“Milan In a Minute” with Rashmika Mandanna Was All About Power Dressing

<p>Rashmika Mandanna was named as the first brand ambassador for Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese fashion brand, in India in 2023. Rashmika was asked by the company to attend this year’s Onitsuka Tiger Fall 2024 Autumn Winter fashion presentation on February 21 during Milan Fashion Week.</p>
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<p>Rashmika honored the Japanese brand’s 75th anniversary looking smart in an outfit that included a long black sleeveless dress with cutouts and subtle ruching accents. She looked like a dream in all black. She wore a black cloak with the imaginative dress. She added a dash of glitz to the all-black attire with jewels from Studio Renn and Misho.</p>
<p>Celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar and celebrity hairdresser Priyanka Borkar created Rashmika’s immaculate makeup and hair, with assistance from fashion stylist Naheed Driver and stylist Priyanka Kapadia.</p>
<p>A brief preview of Rashmika’s “Milan for a Minute” moments was provided. These featured her getting ready for the event, nailing the runway model pose at the venue, and posing for the photographers before the performance. Rashmika expressed her gratitude to her skilled crew on Instagram, writing, “When the girls do their magic on me.”</p>
<p>The simple but adaptable floor-length dress fit Rashmika like a glove and gave her flawless style an additional boost. Rashmika’s boss vibe outfit was completed with the topcoat jacket.</p>
<p>Rashmika stole the stage as India’s representative at a major international fashion event like Milan Fashion Week because to her striking, daring appearance. The sleek, power-defining gelled haircut was the focal point of this stylish ensemble.</p>
<p>Rashmika made a bold and aggressive statement in black and pulled it off with style. When the star was named the brand’s spokesperson last year, she shared her pleasure on Instagram. Rashmika said on her blog: “Happy new beginnings! I am thrilled to announce that I have been the first brand ambassador for the renowned Japanese fashion company, Onitsuka Tiger, in India!</p>
<p>She went on, “Their modern collections seamlessly combine innovation and heritage with fashion and sports.” I had the pleasure of wearing a gorgeous head-to-toe ensemble from the collection when I attended the brand’s Autumn/Winter 2023 exhibition during Milan Fashion Week.</p>
<p>Rashmika was present at the event this year, which celebrated the brand’s 75th anniversary with a variety of new designs.</p>