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Introducing Buddhabong: The Indian Brand Creating “Daily Luxury Wear” segment.

In the world of fashion, there has always been a clear divide between mass clothing and luxury brands. However, a new player has emerged to bridge this gap and introduce a long-overdue concept – daily luxury wear. Buddhabong, a brand launched by city boy Kapil Maggu, aims to revolutionize the way people perceive and experience luxury fashion without burning a hole in their pockets.

On 27th May 2023, Buddhabong made its grand entry into the fashion industry, offering consumers the opportunity to indulge in luxury fabrics and designs at affordable prices. What sets this brand apart from its competition is its meticulous selection of rich fabrics and unique designs that fall into the category of daily luxury wear. Until now, no brand has specifically catered to this segment, leaving a void in the market. Buddhabong aims to fill this void and capture the attention of individuals aged 16 to 45 who seek a touch of luxury in their everyday lives.

With a mission to promote Indian-manufactured t-shirts to Indian teens and the Indian diaspora worldwide, Buddhabong provides a luxurious t-shirt ensemble within India itself, rather than outsourcing from countries like Bangladesh or Vietnam. The brand aspires to become a global homegrown “daily luxury wear” brand for men, celebrating Indian craftsmanship and design on the international stage.

Beyond fashion, Buddhabong has a socially conscious approach. The brand is actively in the process of partnering with NGOs that support underprivileged communities, focusing on areas such as health, children’s education, and skill development. A portion of the proceeds from each t-shirt sold will contribute towards these initiatives, reflecting Buddhabong’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on society.

The journey behind the brand is equally inspiring. Kapil Maggu, a small-town hustler, embarked on a path that led him from the non-metro city of Punjab to the bustling capital city of New Delhi, pursuing an MBA at the prestigious Birla Institute of Management. Initially, his sole dream was to secure a good job through college placement, and fate led him to the beauty cream division of an FMCG brand called Nomarks in South Rajasthan. Kapil went door-to-door, tirelessly meeting rural retailers to sell the product.

Over 17 years, Kapil gained extensive experience in diverse industries such as real estate, FMCG, QSR, and technology, gaining a deep understanding of different target audiences and their preferences. However, the universe had a different plan for him. A flashback to 1999, when Kapil completed his 12th grade in Jalandhar, Punjab, reveals his father’s belief in his fashion talents. Presenting him with the NIFT Delhi admission form, his father encouraged him to pursue a career in fashion, recognizing his innate abilities. Yet, driven by youthful conviction, Kapil proceeded with his dream of pursuing a BBA and MBA.

In 2023, after the COVID-19 pandemic, Kapil’s learnings and experiences led him to a realization – there was a significant gap in the fashion industry, a lack of daily luxury wear. Customers had to choose between mass clothing, lacking class, or expensive luxury brands. Recognizing this void Kapil , the city boy with a vision, launched Buddhabong, offering consumers luxury fabrics and designs that don’t break the bank.

Buddhabong proudly claims to be a team of design engineers, and their designs truly reflect their passion for creativity and innovation. In an era where global brands often source their products from countries like Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Thailand, Buddhabong takes pride in being made in India, for India, and the global Indian diaspora seeking luxury designs. The brand actively promotes local labor, printing techniques, and stitching methods, supporting the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship.

If you yearn to express your unique personality through your clothing, look no further. Buddhabong’s new collection of trendy and eye-catching t-shirts is here to help you make a bold fashion statement. Embrace your individuality, wear your style with pride, and visit the store to explore their exclusive collection at www.buddhabong.global. Join the revolution of daily luxury wear with Buddhabong and experience fashion with a purpose.

For more information: https://www.buddhabong.global/

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