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Star of "Schitt's Creek" Annie Murphy is compared to a less expensive Margot Robbie

Star of Schitt's Creek Annie Murphy has been compared to a less expensive Margot Robbie in the past.

The actress, 36, who played Alexis Rose in the CBC comedy tweeted a troll's comment that likened her to the bombshell Australian actress if she was purchased from the discount retailer Wish.

She told Us Weekly magazine, “I was told by a man on the internet that I look like Margot Robbie if she was ordered from Wish.com,” according to aceshowbiz.com.

Additionally, she is frequently approached on the street by viewers of the show who compliment her on resembling the actress who plays Alexis. The most frequent question I get from fans is “Has anyone told you that you kind of look like that girl from Schitt's Creek?” she said.

The Emmy-winning actress also claimed to have Kate Winslet's contact information.

She admitted to being “the most starstruck I've ever been” when she met Kate Winslet. I enquired for her phone number. She is the most well-known individual I know.

The actress, however, previously said that she sobbed “12 times a day” before to receiving a depression diagnosis.

The celebrity discussed how the epidemic affected her after returning to her family's home in Canada on a scheduled vacation when shooting on the new series “Kevin Can F*** Himself” was delayed.

My mum was like, 'You're sobbing 12 times a day hysterically to the point where your teeth are chattering',' the woman told The Zoe Report. That's not right.

She saw a therapist, who identified her as having depression. She acknowledged that she was concerned about what other people would say if they found out.

I was like, 'Damn it, I'm sad,' she continued. I sound like I'm playing a miniature violin for myself, which is going to bother a lot of people.

“Oh, you're well-known and wealthy. Why the hell are you depressed? You have no reason to be depressed. But I won't upload pictures of me covered in my own snot, helpless to stand up, lying on the ground. I do not want others to witness it.

When asked whether she would have “been able to do (her) job” if “Kevin Can F*** Himself” shooting had begun as scheduled, Annie stated she wasn't sure.

As thrilled as I was to get this significant role on the programme, she said, “I don't think I would have been able to perform my duties if I had shown up for work on time.”

Regular counselling and anti-depressants are now helping Annie, and she acknowledged that they had literally saved her life. I don't weep 12 times a day on the floor, she said. I can now pay attention to other aspects of my life.

Now, honestly, if a friend says, 'I'm having a really hard time,' I tell them to get high. Take medications now! You don't have to use drugs continuously, but they honestly, truly saved my life by allowing me to operate as a human being when before I was unable to.

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