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“The Entrepreneur’s Compass: Guiding Your Path to Success with Agnelorajesh Athaide”

The book mentions , Having a mentor is crucial; they provide guidance and serve as a sounding board.

Every reality begins with a thought, and self-talk can boost the confidence needed to make decisions.

Confidence in decision-making is key, and having a mentor or a support system is invaluable.

Shyness holds you back—be shameless in conversations. Historically, mythological characters like Eklavya and Dronacharya echo the importance of learning from those you admire. Consciously identify and follow people who inspire you—your modern-day Dronacharyas.

The key is being well-informed and well-qualified in the chosen sector, constantly learning and adapting. Engage in surprise management—be prepared for the unexpected and have alternative plans.

A well-prepared entrepreneur is not easily surprised; they navigate challenges with resilience and find alternative paths to success.

Agnelorajesh has also made a podcast of the book and the three episodes series is hosted on the YouTube channel “ Agnelorajesh INSPIRING CONVERSATIONS “. 

Agnelorajesh Athaide is a self-made social entrepreneur, angel investor, educationist, and motivational speaker, emerging as a first-generation leader. As the chairman of the Global St. Angelo’s Group of Companies, his primary objective is to invest and develop businesses with significant growth potential. 

The Entrepreneur’s Compass: Navigating Your Way to Success,  is a book for budding entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs as well as for entrepreneurs who want to pass on the baton to the next generation.