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HORRIBLE! Friends mistrusted Vikrant Massey because of his wealth, he claims: “They Came Upon My House And..”

<p>Vikrant Massey revealed something startling about his colleagues from college. In a recent interview, the actor spoke candidly about his financial circumstances prior to his career in show business and said that his pals withdrew their friendship after paying him a visit. Early in his career, Vikrant landed a part in the 2007 film Dhoom Machaao Dhoom, which launched him into stardom. Other notable roles he took on were Dharam Veer (2008), Balika Vadhu (2009–2010), and Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo (2010). His financial circumstances improved because to his performing roles.</p>
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<p>Vikrant said he had once brought his closest pals over for lunch in an interview with Unfiltered by Samdish. They assessed him based on the state of his residence when they got there. The home required upkeep, and the actor owned plastic chairs. Vikrant said that his friends’ treatment of him altered the moment they viewed the mansion.</p>
<p>“Meri maa achha banati thi khana bahut achha.” Then I said, “Daawat pe aajao,” and Toh maine unko bulaya. The kitchen was not very clean, but it was still really nice, and my mother was a great chef. Jab woh ghar aaye aur unhone ghar ki disha dekhi, unhone dekha ki plastic ki khursiyaan hai ghar pe, paint chip ho raha hai, silan lagii hui hai ceiling pe. I so decided to invite my friends around for a lovely dinner. Their behavior toward me changed when they returned home and saw that my kitchen was messy, we had plastic chairs, the paint was flaking off, and our ceiling was moist),” the man said.</p>
<p>He went on to say that he had learned about their views via mutual acquaintances and that they had made remarks about his home and treated him disrespectfully. Check out the video below:</p>
<p>At the moment, Vikrant is relishing 12th Fail’s triumph and has accepted parenthood.</p>