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Amit Majithia – the Entrepreneur, Top Cricket Predictor and a Philanthropist

Promoter of BCC Events Dubai and the owner of BCC Music Factory, Amit Majithia holds the position of being Worlds 1st Ever Cricket Tip Predictor Since 2010. He has a combined following of millions of cricket lovers from across 18 countries worldwide.  


Born in the remote city of Adipur in Kutch District in Gujarat and raised amid humble surroundings, today Amit Majithia is the owner of 9 clubs in Dubai. Having a strong passion towards the game of cricket, he is now slated as the Top Cricket News & Stats Site.


Having interests in Events Management, owning a Music Label and owner of several clubs, Amit is now residing in Dubai. “I began my journey with a staff of One person when I came to Dubai, and today we have a staff strength of 400 plus professionals who provide second-to-second updates and expert analysis of International cricket matches. 


Elaborating about the conceptualization of CBTF, Amit revealed, “Cricket is often regarded as a skill-based sport. Talk all you want about the game’s evolution, but in the end, it still boils down to temperament and technique. Each successive generation believes it has created the wheel.”


“With evolution of medium of news from newspapers to radio and then television and now smartphones the interest in the game of cricket remains evergreen. The pitch is the same length, and the stumps are the same height. Dismissals such as bowled, leg before, caught, and so forth are all the same. While all these changes have happened over a long period, getting top-notch cricket news is still an intense game,” he further added.  


Amit Majithia’s CBTF gives the Latest Cricketing News and Updates, Information, Schedule, News ball-by-ball updates on Cricket matches, Upcoming Cricket Series, and Schedules. The trending cricket news keeps one updated in each format of Cricket. 


The day to day activities of CBTF Foundation is monitored by himself which disburses Rs 5 Crores annually. Utilizing his funds along with close friends, Amit Majithia established the CBTF Foundation over a decade ago with the aim of doing Real Work for the underprivileged and bring about a Real Change whether they are children, youth and women to leverage relevant education, proper healthcare, and market-focused livelihood programs across India, Nepal, Srilanka, UAE and other neighboringcountries. Extensive charitable projects are financed by his close group of friends and most notable point is that CBTF Foundation do not accept donations.