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After England’s “worst defeat,” Vaughan criticizes their strategy and attitude, saying, “That’s disrespectful to Test cricket.”

<p>Following a humiliating defeat to India in the third Test match in Rajkot on Sunday, February 18, former England captain Michael Vaughan has taken a hard line at Ben Stokes and Co. for refusing to admit that there is a problem and for being stubborn about their strategy and attitude in Test cricket. In addition, Vaughan said that their attitude of playing for a result, win or lose, as a means of entertaining the public ignores the significance of a draw, particularly in a lengthy series such as this one.</p>
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<p>“If you listen to them, you could believe that nothing is ever incorrect. According to Jimmy Anderson, they want to pursue 600 in Vizag. Regarding their goal for this week, Ben Duckett said that “the more, the better,” but they came 434 short. As if no player in history had ever hit an attacking shot, Duckett believes they should be commended for Yashasvi Jaiswal’s batting style, “Vaughan wrote in his column for The Telegraph. It seems insulting to me that they discuss not playing for the draw when it comes to Test cricket. A key component of the game, the draw has often served as the foundation for some of the greatest series triumphs in five-test contests.”</p>
<p>Further disparaging the visitors, the former England captain claimed that Joe Root’s dismissal in Rajkot’s first innings while reverse-scooping Jasprit Bumrah was a reminder that this England team is stuck in its own bubble and wants to be happy with their actions and thoughts. However, he also cautioned them that there is more to Test cricket than that.</p>
<p>Vaughan emphasized his argument by using India’s second innings. Vaughan used Shubman Gill and Yashasvi Jaiswal as examples of how to construct an inning. Before being completely out of the game, Jaiswal and Gill both needed a few balls to get into their individual innings. namely Jaiswal. According to Vaughan, hitters should bat in accordance with the circumstances rather than continually trying to score runs at every opportunity.</p>
<p>“England presents a happy picture, but they should be talking about improving their batting technique. This was the biggest loss for Stokes and Brendon McCullum, and it revealed their strategy. They have to choose their moments; they can’t be aggressive every chance they have,” Vaughan said.</p>
<p>Ben Stokes expressed optimism that England may still win the series, although it is unlikely at this point. To even the score, they will need to mount an impressive effort in the fourth Test in Ranchi.</p>