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IPO: Get Information About Lot Size, Issue Size, and Bidding Date; GPT Healthcare Announces Price Range For Public Offering

<p>The owners and operators of mid-sized multispecialty hospitals under the ILS Hospitals brand, GPT Healthcare Ltd., said on Monday that the pricing range for their Rs 502 crore initial public offering (IPO) is Rs 177-186.</p>
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<p>The public will be able to subscribe to the offering from February 22–26. The corporation said that on February 21, bids for anchor investors will be accepted for a single day.</p>
<p>Leading the IPO was the private equity company BanyanTree, with 2.6 crore equity shares, or 32.64% of the total. The transaction consists of an offer for sale (OFS) of up to 2.6 crore shares and a new issuance of up to 40 crore equity shares. BanyanTree is selling up all of its ownership in the business.</p>
<p>The money would be used by the corporation for general corporate activities and debt repayment of Rs 30 crore. Taking into account the top bound of the pricing range, the IPO’s issue size amounts to Rs 501.67 crores.</p>
<p>Concerning GPT Healthcare</p>
<p>Dwarika Prasad Tantia, Dr. Om Tantia, and Shree Gopal Tantia created GPT Healthcare in 2000, first operating as an eight-bed hospital in Kolkata. With a total of 561 beds, it now runs four full-service multispecialty hospitals.</p>
<p>The GPt Healthcare IPO’s lot size</p>
<p>Investors may place bids in multiples of 80 equity shares, with a minimum bid of 80 equity shares. From Rs 337.41 crore to Rs 361.03 crore in the fiscal year, there was a 7.3% rise in total income.</p>