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Bramayugam Box Office Report: Day 2 earnings for the Mammootty-starring film dip to less than Rs 3 crore

<p>Bramayugam, starring Mammootty, hit theaters on February 15. The movie made nearly Rs 3 crore on its first day of release, receiving largely good reviews from reviewers and viewers alike. On its second day, the horror movie has seen a decline nonetheless. Sacnilk reports that the movie made barely Rs 2.50 on Friday, bringing its first two days’ total receipts to Rs 5.60 crore.</p>
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<p>According to the site, Bramayugam’s first day of business had an overall occupancy rate of 47.03 percent, with the night performances accounting for a significant portion of this.</p>
<p>Trade experts anticipate a very successful weekend for the Mammootty picture, which is likely to generate significant revenue for its creators.</p>
<p>Information about Bramayugam<br />
Sidharth Bharathan, Amalda Liz, and Arjun Ashokan play significant parts in Rahul Sadasivan’s horror thriller. Mammootty’s 72nd birthday was celebrated with the release of the movie’s first trailer. The first teaser was issued by the developers last month, and the trailer debuted during an Abu Dhabi event.</p>
<p>The movie made headlines lately when Punjamon Illam, a Keralan Brahmin family, filed a lawsuit accusing others of slandering their family’s name for practicing wicked sorcery. The character name of Mammootty in Bramayugam was changed to Kodumon before the film’s premiere.</p>
<p>Punjamon Illam entered a plea, claiming that his family had a long history of ritualistic practices that are described in the book “Aithihymala.”</p>
<p>Following the filmmaker’s statement that Mammootty’s character name has been modified to meet the petitioner’s concerns, the Kerala High Court closed the suit. In addition, the creators have reported that they have petitioned the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in order to alter the protagonist’s name.</p>