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“Rohit missed a trick,” the former England bowler asks The Indian captain’s strategies in the third Test against Ben Duckett

<p>In the third Test at Rajkot’s Niranjan Shah Stadium, England treated Indian bowlers like they were playing against a club side, with Ben Duckett undefeated on 133 off 118. Even though just a little more than half of the fourth innings have been completed, England has made sure that there is every chance of a result in the third Test, as more than 650 runs have been scored in the first two days of play. Indian captain Rohit Sharma was left powerless as Duckett and company exploited a flat track with good intentions.</p>
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<p>Steven Finn, a former pacer for England, has questioned Indian captain Rohit’s strategies, claiming that he failed to get R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja into the attack at the right time. Finn said, “I believe Rohit Sharma will be up with the analyst working out when he introduces his bowlers and who against,” while speaking on Sky Sports. I believe he might have done better by starting Ashwin and Jadeja sooner in the game today.”</p>
<p>Jadeja was brought on in the 23rd over as the left-handed English hitter was going crazy, while Ashwin was called on in the 12th over, when Duckett was already batting on 55 off 42. “I wish I could have bowled at him at zero instead of sixty or seventy runs. When he is at 60 or 70 runs, he is definitely a different guy to bowl at,” he said.</p>
<p>During the press conference, Ashwin also acknowledged that he would have like to bat first. However, he was full of respect for Duckett, who hit one of the most memorable hundreds by an international hitter in India. “He made a few pretty spectacular slog sweeps. However, Ben Duckett is an incredible talent for England and has scored a fantastic century today. I was tempted to applaud Ben Duckett, but I refrained. “Even though my fierce rivalry prevented me from applauding, I will definitely try to challenge him when we play again,” R Ashwin said at the press conference after Day 2’s stumping.</p>
<p>Although India will be without Ashwin for the remainder of the Test match, England is still 238 runs behind. To say that it is a devastating setback would be an understatement, as the exhausted Indian squad now faces a formidable task.</p>