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EXPLAINED: In the current third Test match against England, would Team India be permitted to request the substitution of R Ashwin?

<p>Due to a family issue, one of India’s greatest players, Ravichandran Ashwin, who took 500 wickets against England on Friday, February 16 in the current Test match in Rajkot, will not be participating in the match moving forward. With an Ashwin-sized hole in their side for the remainder of the match, India will have to make due, particularly considering how well England has batted in their first innings.<br />
There were a number of uncertainties and concerns after Ashwin’s withdrawal over India’s ability to find a substitute for the veteran off-spinner in the squad for the balance of the Rajkot Test. And the answer is undoubtedly no. MCC Law 24.1.2 states that Team India may use a substitute fielder, but not a replacement, to cover for Ashwin for the remainder of the match.</p>
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<p>According to current regulations, the referees may only permit a substitution in the event of a concussion or COVID-19 (if the condition is still applicable, since some players have participated in games after testing positive).</p>
<p>A legal clause permits a captain to substitute a player who has already been selected in the squad, provided that the opposing captain grants permission. According to 1.2.2, “No player may be replaced after the nomination without the consent of the opposing captain.” That clause, however, is taken into account from the time of the toss until the beginning of the game. Therefore, India could only substitute Ashwin if a player was selected ahead of time for a situation like as this with England captain Ben Stokes’ approval, which at this point doesn’t appear plausible.</p>
<p>Only a COVID-19 case or a concussion will qualify for substitution after the game starts.</p>
<p>The bowling attack has looked like a ghost of its former self against England’s aggressive hitting, so it will be a major setback to the Indian squad, who will be hoping for some individual brilliance to pull their team back into the game. Considering that England is still 238 runs down, India will need to be precise right away.</p>