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“Sugar Bandits,” an action thriller, starring Will Smith

<p>Hollywood actor Will Smith will be featured in the forthcoming action film Sugar Bandits, in which he plays a veteran of the Iraq War. The thriller, which is based on Chuck Hogan’s novel Devils in Exile, follows an Iraq War veteran who enlists the help of other veterans to attack the Boston drug trade.</p>
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<p>The script was written by Hogan, who has written screenplays for The Town and The Strain (which he co-wrote with Guillermo del Toro).</p>
<p>Richard Abate (13 Hours, From Scratch) will produce for 3 Arts Entertainment; Stuart Ford will produce for AGC Studios, which is entirely funding the project; and Smith and Jon Mone will produce via Westbrook Studios, with Ryan Shimazaki serving as executive producer.</p>
<p>With Antoine Fuqua’s Emancipation, which sold to Apple TV+ in Cannes for a market-record price of $120 million, Sugar Bandits is Smith’s most recent big motion picture. It was also his first since his notorious Oscars “slap.”</p>