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Basketball championships are won by Vivek High ladies and Saupin’s boys

<p>The winners of today’s 2nd J Saupin Memorial U-16 Basketball Tournament for boys and girls, respectively, were hosts Saupin’s School, Sector 32, and Vivek High School, Mohali.</p>
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<p>The boys’ squad from Sector 32 defeated Vivek High School 27–16 in the championship game. For the squad, Apaar Sood scored the most points. He was also named the tournament’s player of the year. Agamveer Singh was awarded the tournament’s top blocker, while Japjit of Vivek High won the best shooting award. The teams from Sector 32 and Vivek High School defeated Learning Paths School, Mohali, 27-20 and 30-15, respectively, in the semifinals.</p>
<p>The Vivek High ladies’ team defeated Learning Paths School with ease, winning 14-6. Player of the Tournament went to Saanvi Ranot, while best shooter went to Navya. The tournament’s best blocker went to Alina. The Learning Paths team beat the hosts 15-3 in the semifinals, while Vivek High School defeated St. Peter’s School, Sector 37, 13-11.</p>
<p>Surita Sharma, the principal, presented the winners and runners-up.</p>