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Silver medalist at the Asian Games Harmilan Bains faces criticism for moving from Punjab to Chandigarh

<p>Harmilan Bains, a double silver medalist runner at the Hangzhou Asian Games, stated two days ago that she would be representing Chandigarh after moving from Punjab. The dispute stems from an affidavit Bains provided to the Punjab government.</p>
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<p>The Punjab government gave the talented athlete, who placed second in both the 1500 and 800 meters at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, a financial prize of Rs 1.5 crore last month. The Punjabi native had signed an affidavit or bond with the government when she applied for the $100,000 prize, preventing her from representing other states for at least three years.</p>
<p>A player who requests a monetary prize from Punjab may not play at the national or international level for the state of Punjab for the next three years, according to clause IV of the signed bond. The athlete is responsible for returning the financial prize to the state if they disregard this condition. On October 9 of last year, Harmilan signed the bond.</p>
<p>The Chandigarh Athletics Association (CAA) announced only the other day that Harmilan has received all the required permissions to represent the city in upcoming national and international competitions. The Punjabi government was not pleased about this.</p>
<p>Harmilan will be competing at the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships in Tehran, Iran, from February 21–23. She is one of 15 Indian players competing for the title, and she is representing Chandigarh, according to the CAA.</p>
<p>“On January 14 of this year, she received Rs 1.5 crore (for winning two silver medals), and on February 13, we learned via the media that she had moved to Chandigarh. A top employee of the Punjab Sports Department said, “We have made it very clear in the bond that a player receiving monetary prizes from Punjab would be required to represent the state for the following three years or the payment should be returned. “The government had given her around Rs 8 lakh to prepare for the Asian Games,” the source said. Without a doubt, the department is thinking about taking action (against her).</p>
<p>“Once I return from Tehran, I will discuss this. I’m based in Chandigarh and employed with the RBI. In either case, I will no longer be representing Punjab. I made the choice to go to Chandigarh on my own, and I have obtained all the permissions from Punjabi and UT organizations,” Harmilan said in a conversation with the Chandigarh Tribune from Dubai.</p>
<p>“There were no employment provided by the government. Selective policy was implemented along with the announcement of positions for state athletes. I’m being purposefully drawn into controversy,” she said.</p>
<p>“She has been with the RBI for a long time, but she represented Punjab and took the cash prize,” the Punjab official said. The positions were given to Olympic medal winners or certain athletes who won many medals for their nation at the most recent Asian Games. When singing “The Bond,” she ought to have remembered her role in the company.</p>
<p>One of the Punjabi athletes, Harmilan, publicly addressed the state sports minister upon her return from the Hangzhou Games, voicing her displeasure over a meager financial reward compared to other states.</p>
<p>Cricket player Harmanpreet Kaur got into a little legal spat with a government agency in 2018. The batter was not let go from her position as an office superintendent at Western Railway, even though she was given the position of DSP in the Punjab Police. She was ordered to pay Rs 27 lakh by Western Railway if she quit before the conclusion of her five-year tenure.</p>