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RBI outlines obstacles to reducing inflation

<p>Governor of the Reserve Bank Shaktikanta Das issued a warning on Thursday, stating that there is still work to be done in combating inflation. This is because frequent shocks to food prices and resurfaced geopolitical flashpoints have proven to be significant spoilsports in this regard.</p>
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<p>The head of the RBI also promoted the resuscitation of multilateralism during his speech at the South East Asian Central Banks Governors Conference. In this regard, he proposed international agreements on specific routes for vital minerals and food. “These kinds of agreements need to be just and equal,” he said.</p>
<p>Since the final mile of disinflation is sometimes the most challenging, we continue to be alert to steer through it. We really acknowledge that low and stable inflation will serve as the cornerstone required for long-term, steady economic development,” he said.</p>
<p>“India’s ability to successfully navigate these challenging times has been made possible by prudent fiscal policies,” he said.</p>