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Nadal declares he is “not ready to compete” and withdraws from the Qatar Open

<p>Rafael Nadal, the former number one tennis player in the world, has postponed his return even further by withdrawing from the forthcoming Qatar Open.</p>
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<p>The 22-time Grand Slam champion was scheduled to participate in the Doha tournament, which kicks off on February 19. However, the 37-year-old said that he would not be able to participate in Doha and that he is instead planning to play Carlos Alcaraz in an exhibition match in Las Vegas in March and Indian Wells later that same month.</p>
<p>“I would have been thrilled to play in Doha, where I have always had incredible support from the Qatari fans and the tournament staff. Regretfully, I am not prepared to participate and I will not be able to go to Doha, where I had hoped to play again after that incredible victory in 2014.</p>
<p>The Spaniard said on X, “I will concentrate on continuing to work to be ready for the exhibition in Las Vegas and the amazing Indian Wells tournament.”</p>
<p>After missing almost a year due to injuries, Rafael Nadal finally returned at the Brisbane International in January. He made it to the quarterfinals, but in his matchup with Jordan Thompson, he tore a muscle close to his hip.</p>
<p>A week before to the start of the Grand Slam, Nadal had to withdraw from the Australian Open due to the injury.</p>