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Jariwala Darshan Accused of Intended Journo’s Fertility, His Attorney Claims He Is Unfit to Be a Father Reliability

<p>Darshan Jariwala, the star of Saas Bina Sasural and Gandhi, My Father, has been charged with impregnating a journalist. Darshan’s attorney, however, has refuted the allegation, stating that Darshan is unable to get pregnant due to a “medical issue.” Fire has been directed against Darshan since December 2023. He was accused by a journalist of having an affair with her and then deserting her. Following the allegations, Darshan, who was the Vice President, General Secretary of the trust, and a member of the CINTAA Executive Committee, caused a stir and was compelled to quit from his roles.</p>
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<p>The actor has not yet spoken with the media publicly, but in a statement, his attorney Saveena Bedi Sachar refuted rumors that he had the journalist pregnant. “She (the journalist) has been using very defamatory words whenever she puts up her posts,” Saveena stated in an interview with Times Now. Furthermore, it is our contention that several Whatsapp conversations she has been posting on Facebook and forwarding to his friends and other CINTAA members are untrue.</p>
<p>There are messages where he seems to be criticizing some performers and his CINTAA colleagues in an inappropriate manner. According to Darshan, these aren’t the original messages. They are phony, and he has never sent them. That is not how he has ever conversed with her. Even still, she is publishing them, which is our primary justification for bringing a defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit has already been filed,” Darshan’s attorney continued.</p>
<p>The attorney responded to the allegations of impregnation by saying, “He cannot become a parent. His own spouse is having trouble becoming pregnant. Despite their best efforts, he and his partner have been unable to conceive due to his medical issue. This woman claims that she became pregnant overnight. I haven’t seen any specific reports up to this point, except from some sonography. This might also be discussed in the defamation hearing. There is a significant discrepancy between the number of weeks (of her pregnancy) and the scanned picture that she gave. From a medical standpoint, the sonography report is not authentic; it is not what it should be. Here, there exist disparities in medicine. She only placed the report on one screen, even though it should have been on two. The infant is not his, since he is already dealing with medical concerns.</p>
<p>In response to the allegations, the journalist said that she had the actor’s medical records, which refuted the notion that he is unable to be a parent due to health issues. Amit Behl, the general secretary of CINTAA, said that they requested Darshan to resign after the journalist provided “proof” that damaged the organization’s reputation.</p>