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Karunya Chowdary on Her Upcoming Telugu Film, “Drill Is For Everyone”

<p>The trailer for the forthcoming Telugu movie Drill, which is scheduled for release on February 16, has been published by its creators. Karunya Chowdary, the film’s main heroine, provided News18 with an exclusive interview in which she revealed further information about the impending release.</p>
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<p>Karunya Chowdary expressed her excitement in working with the film’s protagonist and director, Haranath Policherla. She expressed her gratitude to the creators for allowing her to participate in this endeavor. She said that Drill is a message that should be understood by everybody. “I hope that everyone who watches this film will learn something positive,” she said. When discussing her favorite superhero, the actress named power star Pawan Kalyan as someone she really admires.</p>
<p>Reports state that Karunya Chowdary’s character experiences heartache and is supported throughout difficult moments by Haranath Policherla’s character. The moral of the film is that, in the end, right will triumph over wrong in all situations.</p>
<p>On February 8, 2024, the movie’s trailer was posted on Silly Monks Tollywood’s official YouTube account. Haranath Policherla, the movie’s main male character, is also its director. Karunya Chowdary, Raghubabu, Koteswararao, Thanikella Bharani, Gemini Suresh, Nishi, Bhavya, Viswa, Anand, Ravi Prakash, Jabardasth Phani, Srinivasa Reddy, and several more make up the remaining cast. The movie is being produced by Dream Team, led by Haranath Policherla. The release date is February 16.</p>