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Meet Ratan Tata’s right-hand guy, who used to work in farming and now owns a Rs 98 crore mansion next to Mukesh Ambani. His income is

<p>The previous chairman of the Tata Group, Ratan Tata, guided the company to extraordinary prosperity. Renowned for his charitable pursuits and economic skills, Ratan Tata has a particular place in his heart for the Tata Group. Tata designated his close friend and confidant N Chandrasekaran as the chairman when he made the decision to resign from his position as head of Tata Sons.</p>
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<p>N Chandrasekaran came from modest origins and became well-known in business circles as Chandra. Chandrasekaran was born into a farming family in Mohanur, Tamil Nadu, in 1963. His life story is an inspiration to perseverance and hard work. He completed his undergraduate studies in Applied Sciences at the Coimbatore Institute of Technology after attending a government school. In an effort to further his studies, he graduated from the Regional Engineering College in Tiruchirappalli with a Master of Computer Applications (MCA).</p>
<p>When Chandrasekaran began working as an intern at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in 1987, his career took off. In September 2007, he was named Chief Operating Officer (COO) due to his commitment and expertise. Amazingly, by October 2009, Chandrasekaran became TCS’s CEO—an incredible accomplishment for a 46-year-old.</p>
<p>Chandrasekaran’s compensation has increased throughout the years due to his significant contributions to the Tata Group. His pay rose from Rs 65 crore in 2019 to Rs 109 crore in 2021–2022. He bought Rs 98 crore on a duplex apartment in Mumbai in 2020; it was located close to Antilia, where Mukesh Ambani and his family live.</p>
<p>Even with his accomplishments in his career, Chandrasekaran keeps a low profile. But Chandrasekaran provided intimate details in a May Netflix documentary titled “Working: What We Do All Day,” which was sponsored by former US President Barack Obama. He highlighted his journey from rural beginnings to corporate leadership by sharing events from his farm background and his final choice to choose a different route.</p>