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This guy, an Indian, compelled Elon Musk to pay Rs 336,000 crore after being sacked from his job for Rs 100 crore

<p>Currently, a few of the largest corporations in the world are led by IIT alumni. IIT alumni are well-known for their creativity, perseverance, and outside-the-box thinking, and they often get well-paying positions shortly after graduation. One such brilliant Indian IIT graduate was employed with an enormous compensation package of Rs 100 crore, but he was let go after only one year.</p>
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<p>Up till now, there have been a lot of speculations floating around the internet about why an IIT graduate receiving a pay deal of Rs 100 crore was fired. The first chapter of Kurt Wagner’s forthcoming book, Joining the Wagon, discloses the main cause of the IIT graduate’s termination.</p>
<p>The individual under discussion is Parag Agarwal, an IIT graduate who gained international attention and became a global sensation after being appointed as Twitter’s CEO. After being recruited, Parag Agarwal, an IIT Bombay graduate, received a salary of around Rs 8 crore in addition to restricted stock units worth approximately Rs 94 crore. The total compensation payout for IITians exceeded Rs 100 crore. Although it is well known that IIT graduate Parag Agarwal lost his job after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, a new book reveals the real cause for the dismissal.</p>
<p>Wagner’s company released an extract stating that prior to the Twitter takeover agreement, Parag turned down Elon Musk’s request to disable the account that was monitoring the billionaire’s private jet’s whereabouts.</p>
<p>According to the extract, Elon Musk bought Twitter for a whopping Rs 336000 crore because IIT graduate Parag Agarwal refused to delete the account. Musk fired Parag Agarwal as soon as he joined Twitter, and the account that tracked the whereabouts of millionaires’ planes was shut down. According to reports, Parag Agarwal is now making his foray into the AI space and has already garnered significant finance of Rs 249 crore. According to reports, an IIT graduate’s business is creating tools for those who create huge language models, a market made famous by OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. According to the paper, Agrawal’s startup received investment mostly from Vinod Khosla-led Khosla Ventures, an early supporter of OpenAI. In addition, it is said that First Round Capital and Index Ventures were involved in the transaction.</p>
<p>Parag Agrawal was raised in an educated home and was born in Ajmer. His mother is a retired professor of economics, while his father was a top officer in the Indian Department of Atomic Energy. 2005 saw Agrawal graduate from IIT Bombay with an all India rank of 77 (AIR). Subsequently, he traveled to Stanford University in the United States to get his doctorate in computer science.</p>
<p>Prior to joining Twitter in 2011, Agrawal interned at Yahoo and Microsoft Research. He had been employed at Twitter for almost six years until Adam Messinger left to become the company’s chief technical officer.</p>