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Amid rumors of a divorce, an insider reveals shocking details about Dalljiet Kaur and Nikhil Patel’s “incompatibility.”

<p>It has been stated that Dalljiet Kaur and her husband Nikhil Patel were not getting along for a long time, two days after she started rumors of their separation. According to an E-Times story, Dalljiet and Nikhil realized they were “incompatible” after experiencing issues shortly after being married. Separation may be the only choice if the couple is unable to work out their differences, a source informed the entertainment site.</p>
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<p>Their marriage seemed to be going well at first, but it didn’t last long. Soon thereafter, issues started to arise between the pair. Nikhil and Dalljiet realized they couldn’t work together. Over the last two months, things have become worse. The only choice may be to separate if issues don’t go away.</p>
<p>When Dalljiet Kaur removed every photo from her wedding from her Instagram account earlier this week, everyone was taken aback. In addition to this, she omitted the “Patel” from her name. Her team subsequently released a statement, but it did not specifically address whether or not things were going well between Dalljiet and Nikhil, leaving everyone to speculate about whether they had broken up.</p>
<p>I thus declare that Dalljiet and her son Jaydon are now in India for the purpose of Dalljiet’s dad’s operation, which necessitated them being by his side, and her Maa’s surgery as well. Furthermore, I would just want to state that since the children are in the photo, Dalljiet would like not to remark on anything at this time. The message said, “Please respect her kids’ privacy and please consider this to be the only statement she would like to give out.”</p>
<p>Married to Nikhil Patel on March 10, 2023, is Dalljiet Kaur. In front of their close friends and family, the couple exchanged vows. Dalljiet got married for the second time. Shalin Bhanot was her former spouse, but the two divorced in 2015 after the actress accused him of domestic abuse.</p>