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“It Wasn’t My Fault,” Says Aakash Chopra Regarding IND Pacer’s Exclusion From The Previous Three Tests

<p>Aakash Chopra, a former cricket player, has expressed concerns with Avesh Khan’s exclusion from India’s Test team for the team’s final three matches against England. Bengal pacer Akash Deep received a first Test call-up by the selectors, leaving out Avesh, who played in the first two Tests.</p>
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<p>Avesh was removed from the team before he had played a game because, in the squad announcement release, the BCCI had not given a reason for his commission.</p>
<p>Akash, meanwhile, made his Test team debut after an impressive showing for India A against the England Lions. In the past, he has traveled with the Indian team as a net bowler.</p>
<p>“Another tale is the arrival of Akash Deep. As a member of this squad, Avesh Khan, thus the question is, where did he go? In Vizag, I saw him bowling with all of his might. He’s now no longer a member of this test crew. Therefore, it is a little unexpected,” Chopra said on his YouTube account.</p>
<p>Although Chopra said that Avesh has not done anything illegal, he added that Akash’s abilities as a net bowler pleased the team management.</p>
<p>The way that Akash Deep bowled in the nets is said to have won the team management over. He performed well for India A. Though Avesh didn’t do anything wrong, I’m very delighted for him,” Chopra said.</p>
<p>Chopra, however, chastised the selectors for passing over Avesh without giving him a chance.</p>
<p>“You leave a bad taste in your mouth when you fire someone who hasn’t done anything wrong because you didn’t give him a chance. It may not be the best course of action to abandon someone before giving him a chance, he continued.</p>
<p>Regarding Jasprit Bumrah’s ability to manage his workload, Chopra said that if India’s performance in Rajkot is not satisfactory, they may have to play him in Ranchi.</p>
<p>There is Jasprit Bumrah. He’ll definitely play in the third game, in my opinion. He might play the fifth in Dharamsala and skip the fourth in Ranchi. The outcome will determine a lot. He went on, “You would want Jasprit Bumrah to play the Ranchi match as well if the Rajkot match goes wrong.</p>