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Tata Motors’ Next-Gen Tiago and Tigor Models Are Designed to Aim for the Top Safety Rating

<p>Leading automaker Tata Motors is working harder to provide consumers with safer rides.</p>
<p>Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Chief Product Officer Mohan Savarkar emphasized the company’s dedication to safety, noting that the Indica was first tested at a crash test center in Pune in 1997.</p>
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<p>For its next Tiago and Tigor models, the domestic manufacturer hopes to get a 5-star safety certification from the Bharat New Car Assessment Programme (BNCAP). In order to do this, Savarkar emphasized how crucial it is to have six airbags as standard, according to Autocar.</p>
<p>Tata’s entry-level vehicles, like the Tiago and Tigor, are in need of updates, including improved safety features like six airbags, even though the company’s latest SUVs come equipped with six airbags as standard.</p>
<p>India’s safety laws are changing; the country is moving away from requiring six airbags in all new automobiles and toward a voluntary program under BNCAP. This modification demonstrates Tata Motors’ proactive strategy for satisfying changing consumer demands and safety regulations.</p>
<p>Tata Motors is concentrating on active safety technologies in addition to passive safety measures to avoid mishaps. Savarkar emphasizes the importance of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) in the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which include Lane Keep Assist (LKA) and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).</p>
<p>India has a complicated road safety environment, where elements including improved road infrastructure and faster metropolitan traffic highlight the need for safer automobiles. Additionally, there is an increasing public awareness of road safety procedures. Savarkar observed that consumers’ perspectives are shifting and that safety is now a top priority, particularly in light of the growing demand for SUVs.</p>
<p>It is anticipated that the next generation Tiago and Tigor would have a new platform and updated design components, among other major upgrades. Customers may also expect a number of new features and extra safety precautions in addition to these modifications.</p>