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Why Kusha Kapila Made Her Separation Publicly Public: I Received A Call From A Newspaper

<p>Last year, Kusha Kapila made public her divorce from spouse Zorawar Ahluwalia. The influencer-turned-actress said that she had been “bullied” into going public with her news after posting a message on social media. Kusha just disclosed how and why she decided to go public.</p>
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<p>Kusha remarked, “My dad held my hand when I made the decision,” in an interview with The Lallantop. He was aware of my ability to make this choice. For our family, this was a private and sensitive time. The day I announced (my split), I had no intention of doing so. We wanted the information to flow via us rather than through anybody else, so you can see why we were instructed to post that remark on social media.</p>
<p>“We received a call from a publication stating that they have learned of the separation,” she went on. It was a holy moment for us, our private time. The newspaper threatened to publish the piece if you denied the allegations.</p>
<p>Kusha revealed that she had just relocated to Mumbai and that when she had to make this difficult decision, she felt afraid and alone in her new flat. I gave Zorawar a call, she said. We will do this when you want to do it, so don’t feel compelled to do it, or fearful, he stated. “Nobody else gets to break the news for me,” I said. I was unable to write it because I was so terrified. I also thought it was necessary to bring up Maya, our family dog. I still flinch when I recall that incident.</p>
<p>After being married in 2017, Kusha and Zorawar declared their divorce in 2023. With films like Thank You For Coming and Sukhee, among others, Kusha has dabbled in Bollywood, while Zorawar is now an influencer himself.</p>