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Budget 2024: Major Increase in India’s Connectivity Through Three Railway Corridors, New Airports, and Port Infrastructure

<p><strong>Interim Budget 2024:</strong> The augmentation of existing airports and the establishment of novel aerodromes will persist with expeditious momentum, as articulated by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Thursday. She underscored that the nation’s aviation sector has undergone a profound transformation over the preceding decade.</p>
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<p>The interim budget encompasses various declarations and strategies delineating the trajectory and developmental methodologies to propel India towards becoming Viksit Bharat by 2047.</p>
<p>In presenting the interim Budget for 2024-25, Sitharaman unveiled three substantial economic corridor initiatives dedicated to energy, mineral, and cement, in addition to port connectivity corridors and high traffic density corridors.</p>
<p>Furthermore, forty thousand conventional rail carriages will be upgraded to adhere to Vande Bharat standards, elevating the safety, convenience, and comfort for passengers.</p>
<p>“The expansion of existing airports and development of new airports will continue expeditiously,” affirmed the minister.</p>
<p>Sitharaman highlighted that in the last decade, the number of airports has doubled to 149, and Indian carriers have proactively placed orders for over 1,000 new aircraft.</p>
<p>India stands as one of the swiftest growing civil aviation markets globally, witnessing a surge in domestic air passenger traffic.</p>
<p>“The roll-out of air connectivity to tier-two and tier-three cities under the UDAN scheme has been extensive. Five hundred and seventeen new routes are catering to 1.3 crore passengers,” she stated.</p>
<p>Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik (UDAN), or the regional air connectivity scheme, primarily aims at rendering air travel more economically accessible.</p>
<p><strong>Port Connectivity & Tourism</strong></p>
<p>FM Sitharaman also articulated plans for port connectivity, tourism infrastructure, and amenities, which will be undertaken “on our islands, including Lakshadweep,” responding to the escalating enthusiasm for domestic tourism.</p>
<p>She accentuated that the nation’s economic prowess has rendered it an alluring destination for business and conference tourism.</p>
<p>The mention of Lakshadweep by the finance minister holds significance, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the island on January 4. Having tried snorkeling, he asserted that Lakshadweep must be on the list for those inclined to embrace the adventurer within.</p>
<p>In her budget speech, Sitharaman noted that the Indian middle class now aspires to travel and explore. Tourism, encompassing spiritual tourism, presents vast opportunities for local entrepreneurship.</p>
<p>“States will be incentivized to undertake comprehensive development of iconic tourist centers, branding, and marketing them on a global scale. A framework for rating these centers based on the quality of facilities and services will be established,” declared the finance minister.</p>
<p>States will be extended long-term interest-free loans to finance such developments on a reciprocal basis, addressing the burgeoning enthusiasm for domestic tourism. Projects for port connectivity, tourism infrastructure, and amenities will be initiated on our islands, including Lakshadweep, facilitating employment generation, as articulated by the Union minister.</p>