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Dadasaheb Phalke International Motivational Awards organized in Goa!

Awards are necessary to encourage artists: Dr. Ketan Bhatikar

Cinema art is omnipresent: Karan Samarth

Senior Journalist Waman Prabhu honored with Dadasaheb Phalke International Motivational Award

Panaji, Goa (INN Bharat Mumbai) Dadasaheb Phalke International Motivational  Award Ceremony was organized in Panaji city Goa under the assistance of ABM and INN India Mumbai. In this grand award ceremony, along with the presentation of various colorful cultural programs, Dadasaheb Phalke International Motivational Award was given to special individuals who have given special benefits to the society through their continuous hard work and dedication and their contribution in art, culture, literature, cinema, education, and social work.


In the first Dadasaheb Phalke International Motivational Award ceremony, senior journalist and litterateur Vaman Prabhu, considered the father of Goa State’s Electronic Media, Social worker Corporate Dr. Ketan Bhatikar and Kargil war veteran Retired Naval Officer Anant Joshi were present as special guests. So, award winning Bollywood film director Rakesh Sawant, Actor-Writer-Director Karan Samarth, Actress Sapna Wadhwa, well-known social worker Adv. Shivaji Desai and renowned historian Professor Prajal Sakhardande were present as guests.

Addressing this award ceremony, Fonda corporator and social worker Dr. Ketan Bhatikar said that there are a large number of talented artists and personalities in our country who protect the interests of the society through their amazing work. It is our duty to encourage the work of these great people and honor them publicly.

Dr. Ketan Bhatikar further said, We welcome and support such social initiatives in Goa. Karan Samarth and Amol Bhagat are doing a good job, so I thank them and congratulate the award winners. Awards are necessary to encourage artists because it encourages them to do better work and also encourages others.

So Vaman Prabhu ji, while mentioning the relations between Goa and artists in his Presidential speech, said that the land of Goa always respects and honors artists and great personalities. The work of the Dadasaheb Phalke International Motivational Award winners will inspire others in the society and promote more positive thinking. Therefore, it is necessary to honor such talented and social workers.


Praising the Dadasaheb Phalke Motivational International Awards event, social worker AdV. Shivaji Desai gave information about his work and responsibilities on various problems of Goa. Well-known Historian Professor Prajal Sakhardande gave precise views on the contribution of various artists to the society and why it is necessary to praise them.

Renowned film director Rakesh Sawant, while felicitating multiple award winners, shared details about his upcoming patriotic Hindi film, “Mudda 370”. His speech made the atmosphere of the ceremony inspired by patriotism.


In his address, retired Naval Officer Anant Joshi said, if every member of the society tries to fulfill his small responsibilities, then it will not take much time for our country India to become a great world leader. We all should understand the work of the present Prime Minister. And inspiration should be taken from it. Let us all together promote the arts within us and enhance our idols.


We thought of organizing this award ceremony to honor the large number of famous artists and great personalities of our country on their special achievements. And today we consider everyone lucky on this event, organizer Amol Bhagat gave more information about the prizes.


Dadasaheb Phalke among Motivational International Award winners in Goa


Some of the notable personalities among the Dadasaheb Phalke Motivational International Award winners in Goa are; Ed Shivaji Desai for his extraordinary contribution in the social reforms of the state of Goa, Prof. Prajal Sakhardande for his extraordinary contribution in preservation of history, chief guest Vaman Prabhu for his long-term extraordinary contribution to journalism and electronic media in the state of Goa, and chief guest Dr. Ketan Bhatikar was honored for his extraordinary contribution to health and social work in the state of Goa, Kargil war veteran retired naval officer Anant Joshi was honored for youth development, and Durlabh Jadhav of Dhulia district was honored for the development and use of traditional agricultural technology in rural areas.


At the ceremony, director Rakesh Sawant was honored with the best patriotic film for his Hindi film Mudda 370, while French actress Marianne Borgo was honored with the award for her unique contribution as a leading actress in the international cinema industry for a long time and her entry into Bollywood. Delhi’s Sapna Wadhwa, who has played the lead role in more than half a dozen multilingual films, has been given the Promising Achievement in Cinema award, while actor-writer-director Karan Samarth has been awarded the Visionary Filmmaker in Cinematic Craft award for his amazing contribution to digital film technology in the cinema industry. Was honored with the award.


Sudesh Kinhlekar, who has been entertaining audiences as a theater actor for more than two decades in the state of Goa, was honored for his long contribution to the theater art of the state of Goa.

Nepal Culture and Film Center Chairman Santosh Subedi won the Exceptional Contribution in Global Cinema, Italy’s Joseph Caratina won the Exceptional Contribution in Cultural Diplomacy and Ghana’s Christine Adiabo won the Best Student Filmmaker title.


Director Gunwant Manju’s Yuva Cars film was given the Best Kannada Film of the Year and Best Hindi Feature Film of the Year along with director Akshay Diti and Vivaan Shah for the Best Actor of the same film and Sanjay Mishra was also nominated for Supporting Actor.


Similarly, Best Historical Activist of the Year was given to Shramik Shekharchandra Gojamgunde, Shakeel Naganur of Karnataka for his contribution to classical music, while Assistant Inspector Somnath Kadam of Gondia district received the Public Awareness Best Short Filmmaker award.


Many artists of Goa were selected for this award, in this, young lyricist Omkar Naik was given the Best Young Poet and Writer of the Year, young Rangoli artist of Goa Bhumesh Naik was given the Best Young Talented Rangoli Artist of the Year, Best Stunning Child Artist of the Year. The award of the year went to Tanisi Kerkar of Goa, the award of best versatile dancer of the year went to Sanchi Gavankar of Goa, the award of best contribution in folk art (Rangoli) of the year went to Arun Naik of Goa.


Extraordinary Appreciation for Gallantry Kargil Hero Commando Madhusudan Surve, Best Odia National Short Film Director Dr. Shwet Kumar Das, Best Short Film Director of Year, 96 year old senior social worker Hansaben Balkrishna Mehta, Best Social Activists of the Year 2024, Best Social Activists Social worker Amarsingh Best Social Activist of the Year 2024 to Nayak, Best Social Activist of the Year 2024 to Narendra Patil, who has been serving day and night to the distressed people from Maharashtra, Best Hotel of the Year 2024 to S4G Hotel Pune, Extraordinary International Athlete of the Year. Given to Krishna Tanpure.


Among the many talented disabled artistes present at the awards ceremony, Mahabubi S. Sodagar of Karnataka received the Best Sitting Volleyball Award for the sport of Yoga and Sitting Volleyball.

Arvind Naik, who has been entertaining people as a stage singer for more than two decades in the state of Goa, was given the Male Versatile Singer Performer award, while Khushboo Haldankar, who has been entertaining people as a stage singer at a young age, was given the Female Versatile Singer Performer award. Best Lyric of the Year to Akhil Desai of Goa. Most Versatile Actor Director of the Year Sandeep Malani, Guru Dutt Waheeda Rehman, Raj Kapoor Nargis, Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh and Ranbir Kapoor After a long time Alia Bhatt Promising Couple in New Wave Cinema in Hindi Cinema Special Joint Award Bollywood Actress Sapna Wadhwa And actor Karan Samarth was given together. Dr. Anupama Sharma was awarded for her Outstanding Achievement in Mental Health, Awareness and Motivation. And Shailesh Pranlal Bhat was given Police Mitra Award for his social work along with these prominent persons from all over the country and many talented Prajnyavats were given awards for their achievements.


ABM organization and Pune to Goa film director Amol Bhagat expressed happiness over this award. And promised to contribute to more new ventures in the future.(INN Bharat Mumbai)