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Acting Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board said the team’s subpar on-field performance is not due to changes in the board

<p>Shah Khawar, the interim head of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has said that the team’s subpar on-field results are not attributable to the board’s regular turnover. In addition to addressing the media, Shah shed insight on players who are being drawn to international competitions.</p>
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<p>“I don’t believe the squad has been impacted by board changes during the last year. It may be a little cause, but there are other considerations, and they will investigate this as soon as the new chairman assumes leadership and the board of governors is constituted, he informed the media.</p>
<p>Khawar said that neither the government nor the Ministry of Interprovincial Coordination meddle in the cricket team’s affairs. “There is a false notion that the government or the ministry of interprovincial coordination meddles in or makes judgments about cricket-related matters.</p>
<p>“The patron in chief of the board, as per powers vested in him and laid out in the PCB constitution, has taken decisions and is authorised to do this,” he said.</p>
<p>Furthermore, he said that Mohammad Hafeez had told him that players were more concerned with their contracts in the white-ball league than with their country’s national team. “This is an issue which needs serious reflection because while we don’t want players to suffer financially, it is also important to make them realise, especially those centrally contracted to the board, that their first priority should always be the national team,” he said.</p>
<p>“I met with Hafeez along with head selector Wahab Riaz and chief operational officer Salman Naseer while he was in the board offices. He expressed his worries to me informally. In addition, he requested information from the board on unpaid dues since his one-month contract ended on December 15th,” the interim chairman said.</p>