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India’s Sahil Thakur places 47th in the giant slalom event at the Winter Youth Olympics

<p>Sahil Thakur, an Indian alpine skier, placed 47th on Wednesday in the men’s giant slalom at the Winter Youth Olympics.</p>
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<p>At Jeongseon High 1 Ski Resort, Sahil recorded a time of 2:02.52 (1:04.67 in the first run and 57.85 in the second).</p>
<p>The 16-year-old will next be seen participating at the same location on Thursday in the men’s slalom competition.</p>
<p>There were seventy-nine competitors in the men’s giant slalom. Out of the 65 participants, Sahil completed the first run in 62nd position, earning a starting slot for the second.</p>
<p>Sahil, the lone contender from India in Gangwon, completed the second run and came in 47th out of the 50 finishers in the final rankings.</p>
<p>The Winter Youth Olympic Games will be hosted in Asia for the first time in Gangwon in 2024. There are around 1,900 competitors participating in Gangwon, representing 80 nations equally between men and women.</p>